Regency Lighting

The Challenge

Business can’t boom without a reliable IT environment. For Regency Lighting, recent growth necessitated agents being able to take customer orders, as well as an online ordering system that provides a positive customer experience. Because that wasn’t happening, a revamped solution from a managed IT services provider was needed.

The Solution

Regency Lighting had realistic expectations: Have an experienced partner (who understands the importance of excellent customer service) provide server hosting and fully managed cloud hosting services. In addition to providing high server access for customers, OneNeck® IT Solutions kept agents connected via Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a highly available cloud security solution.

The Results

Regency Lighting sees things clearer now. Daily IT infrastructure hassles are gone, so internal staff can concentrate on core initiatives. And, as their cloud managed services provider, OneNeck continues to present opportunities across technologies at just the right scale.

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