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56 Containers For Dummies, HPE and Docker Special Edition These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. The company made the decision to adopt a microservices archi- tecture and needed a solution that would enable its move to microservices while also enabling the agility, portability, and control it needed to build, test, and then deploy applications. When it saw the benefits of Docker, SA Home Loans realized that it could move all its main application services over to contain- ers. The company decided on Docker as its preferred platform, because containerizing its .NET services would allow them to be immutable and easily transferable across development and the deployment pipeline. For a production-ready orchestration ser- vice that could give the company a single point from which to manage and distribute containers, the company selected Docker Swarm because of its ease of use and the fact that it is Docker native. Enterprise IT Partner: HPE IT As a part of this book, HPE IT was interviewed about its expe- rience deploying Docker Enterprise Edition and impacting the company's development efforts to extend its support for Docker. Edward Raigosa, HPE's Docker "Brew Master," says, As a part of our container journey on composable infrastruc- ture, we invested in things like the composable infrastructure API that was exposed to OneView. So we learned about OneView and we found that if we use OneView, we can remove things such as the hypervisor from our configuration, and run Docker native platforms on our bare-metal infrastructure. We can get virtual machine–like experiences for provisioning, just like we do in our other environments. The clear take-away here is that HPE is taking its own medicine and learning along the way. And, as the company learns, it's inte- grating that knowledge into its products to make it more consum- able by its customers. That's the kind of behavior you often see from startups, not multi-billion-dollar multinational tech firms, and it's a very welcome trait. Via HPE Pointnext, HPE is taking all these learned lessons to its customers as well, and helping to enable them on their own Docker journeys.

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