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CHAPTER 7 Containers in Action 55 These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. solution that could have as many support nodes as needed. BBC News eliminated the 30-minute wait time for scheduling and can now run multiple jobs in parallel. Having official container images eliminated the time-consuming Sideloading process as well, and made maintaining language stacks a nonissue. The overall results have been impressive. Here are just a few outcomes: » Reduction in job time: Job time was slashed from one hour to ten minutes. No more waiting to schedule jobs. Jobs could run in parallel, and each job ran over 60 percent faster. » Language flexibility: Containers isolate language stacks and eliminate the need for them while making it easy to use any language or version for a CI job. » Elimination of the multiday Sideloading process: Containers helped to open the CI environment without adding risk. » Empowering developers: They were able to control their application architecture and use the right language and version for their application. » Standardization: The new CI environment is open, repro- ducible, scalable, highly available, and is the best practice that is being adopted across the rest of the BBC. Mortgage: SA Home Loans Prior to using Docker, SA Home Loans faced challenges in devel- opment, as well as in production. SA Home Loans currently has four scrum teams, each with a development and a system test lab. The team faced slow deployment times and was only able to build and deploy two apps in the dev labs, causing long deployment cycles and sometimes taking up to two weeks to get applications over to the testing environment. These issues extended to production as well. The company's main home loan servicing software is built on C# and .NET and is a mixture of monolithic Windows services and IIS applications. In the past, when SA Home Loans deployed new features or fixes, it didn't have an easy or reliable rollback plan if something were to go wrong.

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