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CHAPTER 7 Containers in Action 53 These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. container and where that container originated so the ops team can keep tabs on what's running in production. The ADP infrastructure has different environments with differ- ent security levels, enabled by a progressive trust workflow with multiple Docker Trusted Registries (DTR). The first DTR is the "whatever goes" registry that allows for complete developer cre- ativity. The second DTR is the "we think we want to run this" registry that is separate and allows for the team to vet and vali- date new applications. The last DTR manages containers that will be deployed to production. ADP was able to deploy Docker in a flexible way to allow for both developer freedom and high security in the right context. Higher Education: Cornell University Cornell University is one of the world's preeminent research institutions. Its online library, ArXiv.org, serves 30,000 people and receives almost 1.5 million hits a day from all around the world, with 14 million papers downloaded per month. But ArXiv.org, a monolithic legacy application, needed some attention. Enhancements were taking too long to develop and move to production. Cornell took a look at what a microservices- based solution could do and was transfixed by how transforming the ArXiv application to microservices would accelerate time to new value. Cornell made it a priority to modernize this educational and research tool and undertook a project to migrate ArXiv to Docker Datacenter, with incredible results: » Portability of applications across the application life cycle: Cornell benefits from the streamlined workflow and the ability to track changes. » A central location for hosting Docker images and enables multiple organizations secure access to the images: This increases productivity for developers. » High availability set up with secure registry replicas to ensure continuous availability: The secure image storage allows the university to comply with industry standards and reduces risk.

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