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52 Containers For Dummies, HPE and Docker Special Edition These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. HudsonAlpha was facing a myriad of challenges, from scaling woes to security worries: » Needed to accommodate thousands of diverse research- centric web applications across 38 facilities » Wanted portability of applications across a hybrid cloud operating environment that was based on HPE Synergy and Google Cloud » Required compliance with security mandates for security identity and applications » Wanted to bring ballooning hypervisor licensing costs under control » Wanted to remove dependency challenges being experi- enced by developers when building applications HudsonAlpha turned to HPE and Docker for a solution and chose to deploy the Docker Enterprise Edition container platform run- ning on HPE Synergy hardware. The benefits were immediate: » Portability: HudsonAlpha is able to migrate workloads across its hardware and cloud environments. » Security: HudsonAlpha can far more easily comply with security mandates. » Cost savings: The organization now delivers new service far more quickly at a lower cost. » Standardization: HudsonAlpha now has a standard platform for all apps and across hybrid infrastructure, eradicating all dependency issues. Finance: ADP Managing over 55 million Social Security numbers moving about $1.8 trillion per year, ADP needs technology that is secure and just works. The ability to use "hardened containers. is critical for ADP," because, inside those containers moves very sensitive informa- tion. Docker enables ADP to know what's running inside the

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