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CHAPTER 5 Docker Installation and Deployment 45 These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. In a Swarm, a worker node executes a task assigned to it by a manager node. In Swarm mode, your Docker cluster also provides multihost networking capabilities, which automatically assigns network addresses to containers when they initialize. On the security front, nodes that participate in a Swarm use TLS encryption between them in order to secure communication and keep your data safe from prying eyes. Universal Control Plane Docker's Universal Control Plane (UCP), part of Docker EE Stan- dard and Advanced, is an enterprise-grade cluster management solution that adds a graphical user interface (GUI) and secu- rity features atop Swarm and also includes some monitoring capabilities. Modernizing Traditional Applications The Hello, World container is incredibly simplistic, and, although it does showcase just how easy it is to get Docker running, it doesn't do justice to just how large a container can really get. The goal for most companies is to get to market faster with their prod- ucts and services, a task that can be assisted by modernizing what they already have. In fact, according to Docker and HPE, three out of every four companies want to modernize their existing diverse application portfolios, which may consist of commercial applications, monolithic custom applications, and microservices. Docker's Modernization of Traditional Applications framework empowers the development team to focus on a framework that allows for continuous development and integration. This results in faster time to market to value. Organizations' efforts to containerize and modernize traditional applications revolve around addressing these core needs: » Agility » Portability » Security

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