7 Ways a Microsoft CSP Can Benefit Your Business

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Work from home was trending before the pandemic, but since COVID, it has become the norm for many businesses. Now, as we come out of the pandemic, we’re entering another crisis: inflation. Companies that embrace remote work are being praised because it helps employees cope with the financial impacts of inflation. However, remote work has brought new challenges, like the need for more cloud computing tools.

Cloud computing is the most effective way to provide remote employees with the software they need to do their job. To give them access, companies must incorporate cloud applications into their tech stack. Many turn to software providers like Microsoft because they offer a plethora of tools that help businesses fill their digital gaps. These tools include Azure, Teams, and Office365.

However, teams often lack the digital expertise to deploy these applications at scale. A Microsoft cloud service provider (CSP) supplies the know-how and personnel needed to deploy with ease.

Give Up the Management Headache with a CSP

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If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the speed and precision at which professional chefs work. But what happens when we try to copy their recipe? It usually takes us three times longer to recreate it, and if we’re being honest, it probably doesn’t taste as good. Similarly, while customers can set up Azure on their own, their success is often greatly improved with the help of a CSP. Consider seven benefits of working with a Microsoft CSP.

  1. Support. Businesses that do it alone have to troubleshoot issues and ensure their installation is up to date and secure. A CSP provides a storehouse of experience and application-specific knowledge to help you resolve issues with minimal effort.
  2. Deployment. It’s one thing to test new technology on a small scale and quite another to deploy it across your organization. If you don’t have the processes to deploy cloud applications at scale, you may find your deployment stalling at different stages as you figure things out. A CSP’s expertise will not only speed up deployment but can help roll out the software in predictable stages that simplify migration for your team.
  3. Bundled applications. Cloud service providers often deliver configured or proprietary in-product features that help manage users and monitor and secure your applications.  They know how to package solutions because of their experience with other vendors – saving you the time and effort to develop your own software stacks.
  4. Managed services. Microsoft partners are required to do more than resell Microsoft products; they must provide value on top of the service. For example, many CSPs manage your services, ensure security, and provide the support that eliminates the need to escalate issues to Microsoft.
  5. Flexibility. Cloud solutions are inherently flexible, but scaling up and down services can still present administrative challenges. Your CSP can handle the complexities of scaling, like managing users, licensing, and resource allocation.
  6. Licensing support. Identifying a single person’s subscriptions is enough to give you a headache, let alone your entire organization. A Microsoft CSP can manage all your Microsoft cloud licenses. And in addition to simplifying administration, your CSP can ensure you don’t have unused licenses sitting around and advise you on how to get more out of your subscriptions.
  7. Control without management. Partnering with a CSP doesn’t mean you have to give up control. Your provider can still provide full admin control over your Office 365 and Azure subscriptions without the headache of managing everything else.

You can free up your team to focus on your company’s core mission by empowering them with cloud tools. A CSP can take over management so that your team only has to decide which tools to use and where you need them.

Partner With OneNeck for Microsoft Administration

OneNeck is a Microsoft CSP that provides a modern approach to software-as-a-service. We understand that the way companies use services is constantly evolving, so our offering is designed to adapt to those needs. With consolidated monthly billing, a simple subscription model, and no upfront costs, it’s easy to understand how your business uses its subscriptions. If you want to simplify your Microsoft services administration and gain world-class support, contact us.

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