OneNeck Penetration Testing: Safeguard Your Systems from Cyberattacks

June 29, 2023

At OneNeck, we understand that staying one step ahead of cyber threats requires thinking like the bad guys. Our penetration testing services offer a comprehensive approach to identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your environment. By mimicking the tactics and techniques used by modern threats, our expert-led simulated attacks uncover potential weak spots that attackers could exploit.

We go beyond just providing the results—we deliver detailed findings and recommend strategies to address any vulnerabilities discovered, ensuring a fortified defense. Our services include penetration tests, dynamic application security tests and mobile application security tests, all tailored to your specific objectives and designed to uncover real-world risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration Tests include external networks, internal networks, wireless networks, social engineering and physical security controls.
  • Dynamic Application Security Tests include assessments for authentication mechanisms, sensitive data exposure, access control, external entities, error handling and third-party components, as well as vulnerability validation and root cause analysis.
  • Mobile Application Security Tests focus on identifying vulnerabilities in mobile applications. They also include the same components as the Dynamic Application Security Tests.

With OneNeck's Penetration Testing, you can proactively safeguard your systems and data from potential attacks.

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