Cisco SecureX: A Leading Cloud-Native Integrated Security Platform

June 29, 2023

Introducing Cisco SecureX, the industry's most comprehensive and integrated security platform. The cloud-native SecureX integrates the Cisco Secure portfolio with the entire security infrastructure, speeding detection, response and recovery.

At OneNeck, we understand the importance of security in driving success. With the increasing number of cyber threats, your IT team may struggle to defend against these risks while managing limited resources. That's where Cisco's extensive security portfolio comes in. SecureX allows you to leverage a wide range of security solutions seamlessly integrated into one platform.

Our experienced team at OneNeck, in collaboration with Cisco, will help you harness the full potential of this powerful tool. SecureX addresses not only malicious attacks but also the complexity and time constraints faced by your IT team, providing unified visibility, automation capabilities, customizable playbooks, managed threat hunting and accelerated time-to-value.

With Cisco SecureX, your company can simplify security, enhance visibility, and maximize operational efficiency to protect your network, endpoints, cloud and applications. Partner with us to unlock the full benefits of SecureX, turning security from a blocker into an enabler for your organization's growth.

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