Cloud Migration and Modernization with Microsoft Azure

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9 Planning resources Plan for your move Discover and assess your apps, databases, and infrastructure Get insights into your dependencies using automated cloud migration tools. Inventory your infrastructure and assess your on-premises environments. Get right-sizing guidance, workload-level cost estimates, and performance metrics. Make a business case for migration and modernization Evaluate the potential cost savings of migrating to Azure by calculating and comparing your total cost of ownership (TCO) for Azure with that of a comparable on-premises deployment. Build a holistic plan Account for workload priorities, timelines, milestones, resources, and funding. Then break up your overall plan into migration and modernization projects, each with a group of related workloads. Get buy-in from leadership and your new migration center of excellence. Planning for cloud migration and modernization continued Cloud migration and modernization planning tools Azure migration business case video Cloud economics Azure TCO calculator Migrate to the Cloud with Azure Migrate e-book App Migration Toolkit Getting-ready tools Self-guided skill-building courses on Microsoft Learn Documentation: What is a landing zone? Documentation: Landing zone implementation options Innovation is why we're going with a cloud-specific architecture. Having on-demand capabilities has been helpful. Azure Kubernetes Service, security, and best- in-cloud capabilities to modernize our business are key to our success. Jim Saber Group Vice President of Cloud IT and Operations Albertsons Companies >

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