Nutanix on HPE Proliant Best Practices

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Nutanix on HPE ® ProLiant ® 3. HPE ProLiant Integrated Systems | 10 With HPE Composable Fabric, organizations can use Nutanix Prism Central (a multicluster view) as their primary configuration interface—offering benefits such as: • Deploy in 60 minutes or less. IT teams can start small, typically with just three servers (nodes), and easily scale capacity (storage, compute, and network) without limits. • 100 percent linear scaling. Each node adds a proportionate amount of storage and server capacity with no guesswork. To double the overall capacity of a Nutanix deployment, just double the number of nodes. This scale-out design extends to the HPE Composable Fabric as well. With each ToR Fabric Module (switch) the total performance capacity of the fabric grows. Organizations can have the same ease-of-use experience whether deploying a single rack or multiple HPE ProLiant DX racks of nodes. • Upgrade the entire software stack with a single click and without disruption to the live environment. HPE Composable Fabric for Nutanix is an ideal solution for enterprises to quickly configure and cost-effectively manage their Nutanix enterprise cloud infrastructure as an alternative to traditional networking approach of connecting HPE ProLiant DX nodes across clusters. We have adapted this information from the HPE business white paper HPE Composable Fabric Software-defined network fabric for the composable infrastructure, the HPE white paper HPE Composable Fabric for Nutanix Enterprise Clouds, and the ESG white paper HPE Composable Fabric: Scaling Nutanix-based HPE ProLiant DX integrated systems. For additional detail, refer to the HPE technical white paper HPE Composable Fabric: Data Center Fabric Explained. 3.2. HPE ProLiant DX Management, Monitoring, and Upgrades HPE ProLiant DX systems have been extensively tested and certified jointly by Nutanix and HPE to have a seamless end-to-end experience. Administrators can easily apply upgrades to Nutanix AOS, their hypervisor, and HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) firmware in a nondisruptive way using Life Cycle Manager (LCM) through Nutanix Prism. Nutanix Prism lets you manage the entire HPE ProLiant DX infrastructure as a single entity. Firmware updates can either reside in the Nutanix LCM repository or in a customer's on-site repository. In either location, firmware updates are in-band, without HPE iLO network access. Connecting to a server's iLO web interface allows you to manage each server independently and view details such as fan speed, temperature, and hardware logs. You can also access the remote console through the iLO interface to view the on-screen state of the server.

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