Xi Leap to ReliaCloud for DRaaS

June 30, 2024

A manufacturing company, renowned for producing high-quality machinery for industrial applications, sought a robust and scalable disaster recovery (DR) solution due to their continuous growth. With the end-of-life announcement of Nutanix's Xi Leap, their existing DR solution, they required a reliable service to maintain business continuity and operational efficiency.

After considering various options, including on-premises and colocation setups, they decided to avoid the complexities and costs associated with these alternatives. Instead, they chose ReliaCloud DRaaS by OneNeck IT Solutions, a service powered by Nutanix that offered flexibility and customization.

OneNeck tailored ReliaCloud to meet the company's specific needs, ensuring strict RTOs and RPOs. They deployed reserve nodes to manage costs, installed and configured the solution, and assisted in updating Nutanix replication policies for a seamless transition. The company also opted for OneNeck's managed DR services, which provided expert assistance in recovery policy establishment, runbook development, and disaster scenario execution.

The migration resulted in enhanced recovery capabilities and operational efficiency, allowing the IT team to focus on other critical business operations. The company was highly satisfied with the outcome, appreciating the offloading of DR management complexities.

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