Data Security: Raising the Bar for the Mid Market

January 13, 2020

As cyberattacks become more and more sophisticated, no company is safe. OneNeck IT Solutions and the Knowledge Group prepared this webcast titled Data security: Raising the Bar for the Mid-Market CLE. The content focuses on the shift from compliance based security to aligning with best practices, specifically the CIS Top 20 Security Controls.


Katie McCullough, CISO, OneNeck IT Solutions

Jessica Bartley, Director of IT Security & Business Intelligence, TDS

Jack Danahy, SVP Strategy and Security, Alert Logic

Key topics include:

-Profile of the latest attacks geared towards small/mid/emerging enterprise sized organizations -Leveraging the CIS Controls as a guide for your security practice to prevent breaches
-Effective strategies for gaining insight to what’s happening to your data
-Key practices of a security operations center
-24/7 Visibility and the battle against drift, dwell time, and lateral spread
-Likely evolutions in Ransomware and planning for continued protection success

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