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Cyber Insurance - Where do we go from here?

In the past, insurance was considered part of the cyber risk mitigation toolkit for organizations. Today, it remains a significant aspect of that toolkit – but it comes at a price. The continued prevalence and impact of attacks have resulted in substantial losses for some – and have led insurers to take a closer look at cybersecurity implementation among their insureds, and the cost to the insurer of providing that coverage. For many, this will mean a raising of the bar on both the price of loss mitigation, and investment in cybersecurity posture. How can organizations close gaps between what insurers now expect, and where they’re at today? And how do they strike the right balance of investment between how they protect themselves, and other risk mitigation options such as insurance – and maintain that balance going forward? On this webinar, Scott Crawford, Research Director for Information Security with 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Nick Santilli, Security Strategist with OneNeck, will explore these questions and the role of managed security services in providing expertise and guidance not only on striking that balance, but pursuing a cyber risk mitigation strategy that tackles these new realities.

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