Why Invest in a Business-driven SD-WAN Edge Platform?

Enterprises are on a digital transformation journey, migrating applications and infrastructure
to the cloud at an accelerating pace, driving a seismic shift from dedicated data center resources to shared public infrastructure. With more than $214 billion spent on public cloud services in 20191, the majority of enterprises report they have yet to fully realize all of the benefits they anticipated.
The Reality:
Legacy networks are ill-equipped to handle this shift, forcing SLA sacrifices and impeding your ability to realize the full promise of the cloud.
The Mandate:
A no-compromise WAN transformation strategy that yields a multiplier effect on existing and ongoing investments in cloud applications and services.
The Solution:
The majority of today’s SD-WAN offerings fall well short of this mandate. To be successful, enterprises need a business-driven SD-WAN edge platform that automates connectivity to the cloud, secures direct access across the internet, simplifies data transfers across multi-cloud deployments and ultimately delivers the highest quality of experience for end users and IT.

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