Is SD-WAN Hype or Reality?

Amy Gregory, Product Marketing Director


SD-WAN network imageTraditional wide area networks (WANs) bring numerous challenges to the enterprise, ranging from increasing cost, performance issues and flexibility challenges. And with the onset of the cloud, today’s IT teams are searching for solutions that meet the data accessibility demands from inside the organization to the edges of the earth.

In an effort to address these challenges, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) has emerged. It’s a whole new approach to distributed networks that offers better performance, agility, operational flexibility and potentially huge cost savings.

IDC states that, “The most significant driver of SD-WAN growth over the next five years will be digital transformation (DX) in which enterprises deploy 3rd Platform technologies, including cloud, big data and analytics, mobility, and social business, to unlock new sources of innovation and creativity that enhance customer experiences and improve financial performance.”

This all sounds amazing, but like any new technology, there are always things to consider before adopting it. I recently worked with one of our SD-WAN architects, Adam Gray, on an eBook that dives into some of the SD-WAN questions that are floating around out there right now, like…

  • What actually is SD-WAN, and how is it different from SDN?
  • What does SD-WAN accomplish?
  • How does an organization know if they’re a right fit?
  • And if you are a right fit, where do you start?

DownloadeBookIf like me, you’re not quite sure about the ins and outs of SD-WAN, stop back in the coming months as we explore some of our learnings with our experts around SD-WAN in our blog.  And in the meantime, check out the eBook: SD-WAN – Hype or Reality?


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