OneNeck's ReliaCloud and Nutanix

June 29, 2023

OneNeck, a trusted market leader, has partnered with Nutanix to revolutionize the next generation of OneNeck's ReliaCloud®.

We are committed to helping our customers build a secure technology foundation and navigate the complexities of hybrid IT. By blending traditional and modern IT workstreams, we provide tailored solutions that bridge the gap between today's reality and tomorrow's possibilities. As a multi-cloud provider, we offer public and private cloud solutions, including ReliaCloud, a hosted private cloud powered by Nutanix's web-scale architecture. ReliaCloud is simple to consume, scale, and manage, offering intuitive features and a wide range of solutions such as production workload hosting, test/dev environments, disaster recovery, and much more. Backed by dedicated expertise, ReliaCloud ensures high security and compliance, with advanced security options and top-tier data centers. With Nutanix's ELEVATE Partner Program, our evolving roadmap ensures that ReliaCloud's services align and expand with your growing technology requirements. Experience the future of multi-cloud services with OneNeck and Nutanix.

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ReliaCloud Powered by Nutanix
ReliaCloud Powered by Nutanix

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