Considerations When Selecting a Data Center in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls has many factors that make it a great location for data centers. ƒ

  • Low Disaster Risk- Iowa has zero hurricane hazard and very low seismic risk in comparison to either coasts’ high risk of natural disasters or manmade destruction from terror threats. The Midwest has been consistently ranked as one of the best for constant, uninterrupted power service, so the chances of an energy blackout or brownout are minimal. The area has also been considered to have one of the world’s most advanced telecommunications networks, which makes it a focal point for both long-haul and transcontinental fiber networks.
  • ƒLow Power Costs- Unlike the coasts, the Midwest has become extremely progressive in both energy production and distribution. ƒ
  • Quality Connectivity Options- Cedar Falls is home to a number of prominent carriers with quality fiber and Internet, increasing connectivity options and to reducing latency. ƒ
  • Easily Accessible- When travel time is being taken into account, you can’t get more centrally located than the Midwest. Businesses on the East and West coasts can take advantage of its location by commuting effortlessly from anywhere in the Continental US. This means you’re nearby Interstate 380, or only a mere 3-4 hour flight away from the Midwest at even the farthest points in the country if you prefer to travel via airplane.
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