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Amy Gregory, Product Marketing Director

A-Remote-Workforce_BlogWe’re living in a very strange and uncertain time - uncharted waters one could say. Sequestered in the relative safety of our homes, unsure of what next week or even tomorrow might bring, business must still go on. But while we may be working in isolation, it’s still people that power the modern business. And in any business, the team is paramount. It’s where creativity, collaboration, and solutions all come together within a group to exceed the sum of its parts.

Now, rather than a bustling office, it’s the remote team that is the hub and the critical component of many a company’s success. So, ensuring that workforce is equipped to do their job and effectively collaborate has become the number one priority for many organizations.

A positive in all of the uncertainty has been that we’ve seen an overwhelming response from people and businesses offering to help. And at OneNeck, we’re fortunate to work in an industry and with partners that are equipped to help make an effective remote workforce a reality. Numerous offers have been extended from our manufacturer partners that give IT teams the tools to enable their remote workers to continue to securely collaborate with each other and drive their business forward, even from outside the office.

Whether it’s collaboration tools, security best practices, softphones, virtual desktops or even VPNs you need to enable your remote workforce, our partners have stepped up and are offering some great deals to help make it happen. In an effort to make them easier to find, we’ve assembled a list of these timely offers for you.


And should you need any help understanding what your options are or how to scale your current technology to support your remote employees, we are here to help. Our engineers have, and continue to, work around the clock, helping our customers adapt to doing business from anywhere.

Keep moving forward. We got your back.

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