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July 17, 2018 Amy Gregory, Product Marketing Director


No one disputes the impact of the cloud on today’s business, and now with multiple clouds in the mix, the exponential impact continues to grow. But with multiple clouds comes multiple challenges, challenges that must be addressed up front to ensure your cloud(s) don’t work against you.

To really realize the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, it requires a transformational approach to IT, which is more involved than some organizations may yet recognize. It requires a thoughtful approach that includes aligning all elements of your technology and business: technology strategy, budgeting, staffing and management.

Clint_Harder_DC CTO at OneNeckAt OneNeck, we are working with many of our customers who are at different stages of the journey to multi-cloud, helping them define a starting point and a long-term strategy, and then assisting them along the way, one step at a time. This hands-on experience has given us some very practical perspective on what works, and in some cases, what doesn’t. And one of those most intimately involved in these conversations is OneNeck’s CTO, Clint Harder.

Take it from a seasoned professional who’s pretty much seen it all – there’s a right and a wrong way to approach a multi-cloud strategy. Check out this informative Point of View Paper that details his unique perspective on what ensures success in a multi-cloud world.


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