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August 15, 2017 OneNeck IT Solutions

Keeping an E-commerce Site Always On

Pre –Chorus
For, their e-commerce site is their revenue engine. Ensuring their site, even during seasonality spikes, provides a high-quality and seamless purchase experience to their customers is essential to their success. As a result, this most mission-critical, world-facing site needed to be housed on IT infrastructure promising high-availability, stability and performance.

Faced with aging IT infrastructure and the desire to free their IT staff to focus more on strategic business initiatives, sought to entrust a vendor who had competency in designing and deploying Microsoft-based technology and solutions for mission-critical applications. They conducted a competitive selection process with several vendors providing input for the project. The most important factors weighed in the decision included selecting a provider who could meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure high-availability and stability of the cloud platform
  • Offer scalability, allowing the cloud platform to grow as their business grows
  • Provide technical competency, and act as an advisor to their IT staff
  • Quickly respond to any support or performance issues

The Next Verse
OneNeck was able to craft a solution that would meet their needs today and provided the scalability they needed to address change in the future.’s e-commerce site is now housed on a highly available and high-performing Infrastructure as a Service platform, ReliaCloud®. With ReliaCloud, has the flexibility to acquire IT services as they need them. Provisioning new resources to validate new initiatives can be done with ease and without having a noticeable impact on their site.

Maintaining ongoing customer relationships is central to the brand. The company focuses on serving and supporting customers pre- and post-purchase, providing a top-of-class e-commerce experience, as well as innovative tools and applications. They have been able to continue delivering on this promise by leveraging their reliable state-of the-art, always available and always secure ReliaCloud environment.

In addition, partnering with OneNeck enabled to reduce IT spend as they no longer had to invest capital in refreshing their IT infrastructure. Their internal IT resources now have access to top-tier support via OneNeck’s deep bench of expertise, as well as the ability to access cutting edge and best-of breed technologies to support their IT initiatives.

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