Enhance IT Security with Analytics-Driven SIEM

June 6, 2019 OneNeck IT Solutions

 Finding a mechanism to collect, store and analyze security only data is relatively simple. There is no shortage of options for storing data. Collecting all security relevant data and turning all that data into actionable intelligence, however, is a whole other matter.

According to splunk, an analytics-driven security solution provider, many enterprise IT organizations that invested in security event information management (SIEM) platforms have discovered this fundamental truth the hard way. The data available to analyze is based only on security events. That makes it difficult to correlate security events against what’s occurring across the rest of an IT environment. When there’s an issue, investigating a security event takes precious time most IT organizations can’t afford. In addition, the SIEM system can’t keep pace with the rate at which security events need to be investigated.

Not All SIEMS Are Created Equal

As noted above,  a legacy SIEM solution can’t keep pace with the rate at which security events need to be investigated.

splunk outlines some of the known issues with legacy SIEM solutions which include:

  • Limited data ingestion capabilities
  • Complex deployment and maintenance

  • Inflexible search, correlation and visualization capabilities

  • Lack of scalability

  • Limited analytics capabilities

Enterprise IT requires wider and deeper insights to identify emerging threats and attacks to help eliminate so many of the manually-driven tasks that are weighing IT security pros down.  Enter an analytics-driven SIEM solution

Analytics-Driven SIEM

An analytics-driven SIEM will connect the dots faster to help predict patterns, identify suspicious behavior, and automate corrective actions in real time so that IT can respond quickly to incidents and damage can be avoided or limited. According to splunk, a modern, analytics-driven SIEM solution needs to have the following 7 capabilities:


The Advantage of a Managed SIEM

OneNeck partners with the best, like splunk, to deliver solutions that can help optimize IT and enhance security.We can help you implement, monitor and maintain your SIEM solution.

And, our managed SIEM service offers scalable, real-time security monitoring and analysis to our customers to detect threats and meet compliance requirements

Speak with a OneNeck security specialist today about how our comprehensive approach to SIEM can protect your data and your business.


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