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June 28, 2018 OneNeck IT Solutions

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Digital transformation enables IT to meet business demands but immediate transformation is not always the reality. This video demonstrates the reality of networks, customer environments and the immense gaps between the two. What’s the reality of bridging those gaps? More importantly, why bridge those gaps? How do smart networks meet business demands? And, how is it accomplished in a “do more with less” business landscape. What’s the true REALITY of digital transformation?

Video Transcription

Think about the reality of today’s technology environment. Think about that. Networks with true intuition. They learn, adapt, fix and secure in advance of problems or attacks, all on their own! That’s real – today!

The reality of networks is so complex – they have to manage more connected devices than people in the world. And, what about the reality of how complex those devices are? Your phone, more powerful than the combined computing power NASA had, when sending the first man to the moon. 

What’s more, traffic lights change, on their own, based on real time traffic patterns served from the network. Elevators diagnosing every critical component by leveraging data in the cloud.

What about heart monitors attached to your phone or watch – sending real-time data directly to your doctor?

So, the possibilities of a digitally-connected world are breathtaking. Your dreams made possible on the back of intuitive, smart networks.

But, the reality of a hospital, manufacturer, school, financial institution or just about any traditional business, outside of high-tech, is far different.

They are managing legacy systems, networks and applications against short budgets and increasing business demands.

So, let’s get real!

When it comes to digital transformation, whether intuitive, smart networks, application modernization, Internet of Things, security or the myriad of digital possibilities, IT departments have to strategically and efficiently address the situation.

So, complete and immediate enterprise digital transformation isn’t realistic for most. What is? 

Well, a hybrid approach.

A hybrid approach gives you the best of both worlds, where you can still maximize performance, cost and agility of applications, while matching each workload with the right IT platform, whether it’s on or off-premises. Very few businesses can instantly or all at once migrate everything to the cloud or build their on-premises modern cloud. Moreover, some applications aren’t modernized for the cloud. What businesses need, a plan. One that prioritizes the most critical business demands but accounts for everything. There’s no doubt digital transformation can help meet business goals, for example, do more with less. It’s planning priorities and getting started that can be overwhelming. Now, that’s reality.

But there’s good news.

You aren’t in it alone. There are partners out there that get digital transformation and can help you understand your current state and prioritize where to start. Digital transformation is a long-term strategy.The reality, start by developing a plan to address your business demands with a seasoned advisory professional from a true hybrid IT company and transform your business to compete in today’s digital economy!

Are you ready? Contact OneNeck to start your Digital Transformation reality today.


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