Better Together in the Nutanix Service Provider Program

July 7, 2021 Amy Gregory, Product Marketing Director

You may have heard that Nutanix recently launched the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, which OneNeck was excited to be a part of. This gives us the opportunity to expand and differentiate our managed cloud services to our customers and deliver even more value that accelerates our customers’ growth.

But beyond the technology, what is it about the OneNeck/Nutanix partnership that brings value to our customers?

CHOICE: As the lines between the public cloud, private cloud and on-premises environments have more or less disappeared and we sit in the middle of hybrid complexity, at OneNeck we’re trying to ensure our customers have the cloud options to succeed in their unique environment.

OneNeck Product and Strategy Director, Jim de la Pena, summed it up this way. “What we see as a huge advantage of working with a service provider like OneNeck partnered with Nutanix is that we give our clients the choice of where their workloads should land, whether that’s hyperscale public cloud, on a private cloud, a hosted private cloud or even on-prem. Often there’s a gap in their in-house expertise on where the workload would optimally run, and we can provide that advice that enables them to make the right choice, in some cases, even across multiple platforms.”

SUPPORT: Support is a huge part of the service provider relationship, support in migration and professional services that get the workload into the cloud. Then there’s the day-2 support beyond migration that manages the day-to-day uptime, as well as cost-optimization recommendations for future-facing decisions.

In a recent joint podcast with Nutanix, Jim goes into additional reasons the service provider relationship brings value to OneNeck customers.

Ultimately, when weighing the option to work with a service provider vs. going it alone, there are always many factors to consider. But it really can be summed up with this quote…

Stop asking people for directions to places they’ve never been.

It’s that hands-on experience that leads to context – that’s where the value in the service provider relationship really emerges. We’ve been there, and we can help guide you around the pitfalls and get you to your goal faster and more efficiently – because we’ve been down that road before.

Keep Moving Forward. We Got Your Back.

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