Assessing Your Cloud Readiness

While many organizations are planning to adopt the cloud (or using it in part already), harnessing the full benefits of cloud implementation requires a thoughtful approach.

Too often, companies push cloud migration as part of a broad executive mandate rather than letting strategic business goals drive their focus. In other words, companies jump right to implementation before they have assessed why they’re doing it, how cloud adoption fits with their business goals, what they want to achieve and whether they have the resources to do it.

Migrating to the cloud without a clear understanding of your organization’s overall cloud readiness increases the chances it will fail.

Cloud migration isn’t one size fits all. Every organization is different, with individual needs, resources, goals and capabilities. That’s why assessing your cloud readiness upfront is so important.

In this eBook, we take a step back and address the important considerations one should address before the move to the cloud, including aspects such as public cloud readiness, Microsoft cloud readiness, and overall cloud adoption readiness.

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