Microsoft Azure Backup

Introducing Microsoft Azure Backup, a cost-effective and secure cloud-based backup solution that grows with your company. In today's digital landscape, data is crucial for success, and the loss or corruption of data can have catastrophic consequences. With over 30% of companies experiencing data loss annually, choosing OneNeck's managed Azure backup service ensures your company doesn't become part of that statistic.

Azure Backup offers numerous benefits, including cost-efficiency, scalability, and centralized management. It eliminates the need for additional infrastructure, provides intuitive backup and restoration processes, and safeguards your data from cyberattacks. You can back up files, folders, system states, VM configurations, app-specific data, and databases with Azure. The centralized management through Microsoft Backup Center allows your company to monitor, operate, and optimize data protection at scale. Azure guarantees application consistency and offers multiple redundant storage options for enhanced security.

As a Microsoft Gold partner  OneNeck's team of experts will assist you in designing, deploying, and managing your Azure-powered cloud solution, ensuring the preservation of your valuable data. With 24/7 support, proactive monitoring, and cost control, OneNeck allows you to focus on strategic initiatives while increasing efficiency and productivity. Trust OneNeck as your Azure partner and safeguard your workloads and data with our resilient and reliable cloud-based backup solution.

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