Cloud Anywhere: Azure for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

While some may argue that hybrid cloud is a stepping-stone to a fully in-the-cloud business, many companies recognize that a hybrid cloud strategy is not transitional, but a part of optimizing infrastructure over a wide variety of considerations.

A key challenge for these companies, however, is providing a truly integrated solution across their environments for users, developers, and administrators.

To help your IT team respond to the need to work efficiently in a complex environment, Azure offers services that help you to govern and manage across your environment, build apps and deploy them to any location, deploy and manage Azure services on Kubernetes clusters, and deliver security across your organization. With the ability to use on-premises, multi-cloud, or edge technologies to develop, deploy, manage, and secure your application infrastructure, Azure hybrid cloud gives your team the ability to easily integrate a variety of technologies in a scalable, reliable, and efficient architecture.

This e-book aims to show you best practices—including what you should look out for and the fundamental steps any company needs to take to enable hybrid environments.

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