Fortra Alert Logic MDR Enhancing your Capabilities

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GUIDE Page 1 Getting Started Organizations that launch a response initiative without a properly defined strategy typically have one of two results: • Rely on a single tool capable of detection and response • Purchase a SOAR tool without the people or processes in place to take advantage of its full capabilities Both of these outcomes usually result in poor return on investment. A better option is adopting a more comprehensive plan, such as our seven key pillars for effective response, that addresses people, process, and tools (see below). It is essential to understand how to deploy an automated response solution before building a comprehensive strategy, as this will help define your requirements and goals. A combination of simple, self-service implementation — coupled with the right security partner — simplifies execution. As you evolve your cybersecurity strategy, ensure you have a strong, comprehensive response plan built on a solid foundation. This guide, created for security professionals, explores the processes, challenges, and best practices of implementing automation into your response strategy. Enhancing Your Response Capabilities

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