Cloud Anywhere: Azure for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

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Cloud anywhere: Azure for hybrid and multicloud environments 9 There are many ways to create a reliable, yet cost-effective, network that can act as the backbone of a hybrid solution. Networks depend on several areas of functionality. When you think about your network architecture in the cloud, it's important that you focus on the following areas: • Connect and extend: Businesses need to connect existing resources and extend their own networks by using technology such as VPNs, ExpressRoute, and Virtual WAN. • Protect: Any connection could be an entry point to the network, so your company should protect itself with the best tools available, such as DDoS protection, firewalls, and web application firewalls. • Deliver: A great customer experience requires a network built for application delivery, with Azure Front Door and Application Gateway technologies. In this e-book we focus only on the most common scenarios for connecting and extending your existing network, as well as one basic service for application delivery. For more detailed information about Azure networking services please visit the documentation here: https://docs.microsoft. com/azure/networking/networking-overview Hybrid fundamentals 01. Networking

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