Cloud Anywhere: Azure for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

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Cloud anywhere: Azure for hybrid and multicloud environments 32 For a successful hybrid approach, organizations must have a consistent solution that unifies management of machines across physical and virtual environments—and scales quickly. Customers running VMware workloads can now seamlessly run, manage, and secure applications across VMware environments and Microsoft Azure with a common operating framework. Example A global health crisis causes rapid, massive strain on a hospital's operations, which are running on VMware. The hospital needs to scale their IT infrastructure as staffing increases test their HR, patient management, and EMR systems—all while remaining HIPAA-compliant and managing recent budget cuts. The requisition process, approvals, and logistics to roll out new technical infrastructure can take 4–6 months or more. So, to maximize time and resources as they expand and contract their cloud-based systems, the hospital will need to be able to use existing IT skills, processes, and experience in VMware for efficient deployment and ramp up. Solution Azure VMware Solution delivers the infrastructure elasticity to expand and contract without capital expenditure, all while maintaining continuity for staff and processes. Among other leading industry standard certifications, the solution is also fully HIPAA-compliant, lowering barriers for adoption and accelerating speed to the cloud. Using Azure VMware Solution, the hospital can scale quickly to meet the unexpected demand on their IT systems. By extending the hospital's current VMware environment into Azure with Azure VMware Solution, the hospital minimizes disruption with a consistent management experience across 07. Migrate and manage applications across VMware environments

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