Cloud Anywhere: Azure for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

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Cloud anywhere: Azure for hybrid and multicloud environments 28 Enterprises with branch offices are a challenge for hybrid infrastructure. Keeping identity services in synchro- nization, backing up data, and deploying applications become far more complicated when there are multiple locations that do not have dedicated IT staff. Any solution has to be able to quickly and easily deploy application and identity changes across remote offices, while allowing a central IT department to monitor for anomalies and violations. 05. Remote branch offices Example Businesses often need weeks or months to roll out application updates across multiple offices and infrastructures. A global bank with 300 offices worldwide takes a year to update every office across the globe. In addition, multiple locations make it difficult to avoid misconfiguration, such as open ports. Rolling out new and updated applications to branch offices can pose problems for companies with tens or hundreds of such sites. Branches often need to run some apps on local servers in case of public internet availability as backup, or for latency issues. In many remote office situations there is minimal IT staff available, which can make the deployment of applications to multiple sites challenging. Solution Azure Stack HCI provides hyperconverged infrastructure with industry-standard x86 servers with software-defined compute, storage, and networking. Easily start using the cloud for your hyperconverged infrastructure management with Azure integration built into the Windows Admin Center. Meet the evolving IT demands of branch offices, retail stores, and field locations. Deploy your container-built

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