Cloud Anywhere: Azure for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

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Cloud anywhere: Azure for hybrid and multicloud environments 23 03. Run cloud services anywhere Companies are facing increasing data sprawl, with data not just collected on endpoint but also on-premises databases and cloud-based data storage buckets. The increasingly heterogenous data stores pose a significant problem for companies working with hybrid cloud infrastructure. A lack of a unified view of their data assets across all environments makes it far more difficult for companies to make use of their most valuable asset. Example An energy company aims for an efficient and fully automated operation utilizing artificial intelligence throughout their infrastructure. Customers operate various production sites and run utilities and services, from extraction to retail distribution. The company has massive data volume at the edge and needs real-time insights. The business needs to leverage existing OEM hardware and applications and automate IT systems to work at their massive scale. They want to deploy the latest innovations and apply consistent security and governance across their data infrastructure. Solution Azure Arc solves many of the problems that companies face with data distributed across hybrid cloud infrastructure. Azure data services enabled by Azure Arc deliver cloud elasticity to businesses' data infrastructure. The capability enables customers to scale their databases up or down dynamically in the same way as they do in Azure, based on the available capacity of their infrastructure. This capability can satisfy burst scenarios that have volatile needs, including scenarios that require ingesting and querying data in real time, at any scale, with sub-second response time.

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