Cloud Anywhere: Azure for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

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Cloud anywhere: Azure for hybrid and multicloud environments 19 01. Organize and govern across environments Infrastructure exists in a variety of locations: from traditional branch offices and datacenters to edge locations like a factory floor, or in a cloud provider's infrastructure as a service offering. Those servers and clusters may be running Windows Server, Linux, or Kubernetes, either as a physical server or a virtual machine. Managing these different systems across locations, operating systems, and form factors has historically been difficult and inconsistent. Example An insurance company has IT assets with different regulatory requirements. Some of their workloads are in Azure, some in corporate datacenters, and recently, different public clouds. Each system—and potentially each location and form factor—has its own way of operating. The more devices and locations that are added, the more difficult the sprawl of technologies is to keep under control. As the sprawl of technologies expands, people skills and processes struggle to keep up with the changes. Solution There are millions of resources from over 200 different kinds of services in Microsoft datacenters and around the world. Azure Resource Manager is the technology that Microsoft built to coordinate the life cycle and operations of those resources in a standardized way. It enables customers to inventory, organize, and control their Azure resources. Azure Arc extends Azure Resource Manager to servers and clusters outside of Microsoft datacenters. Azure Resource Manager provides capabilities via Azure Arc in a few main areas, such as: • Organization and inventory: Resource groups, tagging, search, and index. For example, Azure Arc enabled servers can be tagged with "Cost Centers" and "Locations" and Azure can be used to search for all HR servers running in DC1.

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