Why Invest in a Business-driven SD-WAN Edge Platform?

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ROI eBook 5 4 Automate Everything 3 No SLA Tradeoffs 2 Run on any Transport 1 Retire Legacy Infrastructure 6 Freedom of Choice 5 Advanced Security 2. Run on Any Transport Today's Challenges: Conventional MPLS transport services are complex, rigid, expensive and have long lead times to provision from providers. The inability to adapt the network to modern applications is forcing companies to sacrifice, by either increasing costs to over-provision capacity or constraining perfor- mance due to bandwidth limitations. What SD-WAN Delivers: A business-driven SD-WAN makes it easy for enterprises to increase and leverage bandwidth and even run their entire business on shared, public broadband — even voice and video — without compromising performance or security. It also offers diversity of internet providers, providing greater flexibility and resiliency. Your ROI: • Transport savings • Bandwidth savings Multiplier Effect: • Run business apps — even voice and video — over public broadband without compromise • Enhanced business agility ROI for the largest supplier of professsional-grade building products in the US 200x increase in available bandwidth 90% improvement in network latency 5

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