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CHAPTER 8 HPE's End-to-End Docker Solution 61 These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. and network resources in physical, virtual, and container-based environments and that supports the full HPE product portfolio. By converging management of HPE server, storage, and net- working resources, HPE OneView improves IT administrator effi- ciency. Through automation, HPE OneView also helps to prevent downtime caused by human error. It interoperates closely with HPE CloudSystem, HPE Business Service Management, VMware vCenter, and Microsoft System Center, as well as Chef, Docker, and OpenStack. Services: HPE Pointnext Sometimes, DIY becomes "DI why?" as in, "Why did I do this?" There are a whole lot of moving parts in a workload operating environment, and Docker is no exception, particularly given the kind of cultural and technical changes that it can introduce. Sometimes, you need a trusted advisor to help guide you through the pitfalls so you know how to avoid the traps and end with the best possible results. HPE Pointnext is the HPE consulting arm, and they're there to help you get the most from your HPE and Docker deployment and exist to provide counsel and services to that end. Some Best Practices Advice Now that you have a complete picture of what HPE offers and how Docker fits into the mix, how can you turn this knowledge into action? Well, let's start with three big items that may change how you think about infrastructure deployment. Plan for higher density Docker containers, from a resource and performance perspec- tive, are essentially just standard Linux processes that have been wrapped by lightweight Linux kernel features that have little to no effect on performance overhead. When you plan for workloads in containers, plan for higher density of these workloads on the host OS (virtual or bare-metal) than you may have with virtual machines. You'll gain utilization benefits from higher density of

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