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CHAPTER 5 Docker Installation and Deployment 39 These materials are © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Docker Installation and Deployment I n this chapter, you actually get Docker up and running and install the "Hello, World" container — a test container that you can use to verify that you've successfully deployed Docker. Installing Docker For this exercise, I'm installing Docker for Mac. To get started, I need to download and install the engine. Each operat- ing system (OS) has a different download. To get the right one for your system, visit https://docs.docker.com/engine/ installation/#platform-support-matrix, click on your OS, and follow the installation instructions. Make sure you pay atten- tion to the general system requirements on the instruction page and ensure that your system meets the stated requirements. Also, make sure you follow Docker's installation instructions to the let- ter to make sure you don't miss something. I'll wait for you to finish your installation before continuing. Chapter 5 IN THIS CHAPTER » Installing the Docker Engine » Deploying the "Hello, World" container » Seeing what makes a Docker enterprise deployment tick

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