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® IT SOLUTIONS a TDS® Company The Challenge Fair Oaks Middle School (grades 5 and 6) and Phillips Middle School (grades 7 and 8) had been dealing with issues ranging from parking to security and insufficient space for expansion, while ongoing costs for maintenance and renova on were only ge ng higher. A er an extensive analysis of both buildings, Fort Dodge Community School District made the choice to bring them together into a new middle school that had be er accommoda ons for growth and a 21st century learning environment to help students stay compe ve among their peers in the state of Iowa. The engineering and construc on of the new facility was designed and coordinated to physically support and op mize the school environment; however, the challenges of crea ng and developing an IT infrastructure required another new blueprint en rely. The goal was to provide a 21st century learning and working environment with advanced Informa on Technology that would create a scalable, robust and cost-effec ve network in the new Fort Dodge Middle School. "We required a network that could support the work of the staff and the educa on of the students," explains Pearson. "The administra on relies heavily on technology for their daily opera ons, and the teachers and students depend on it in the classroom. We needed it to be reliable and robust." With 1,100 students and 400 employees moving into the new Fort Dodge Middle School, Pearson knew that a secure and flexible network infrastructure for the school meant having a sufficient amount of ports, virtual desktops with reliable coverage and capacity, Power over Ethernet (PoE) protocols, and most importantly, a network switch series that could support high-density connec vity. He had the blueprint laid out, but it was a ma er of bringing in the hardware and so ware professionals to op mize the solu ons for an IT infrastructure that needed to nearly double in size from the original layout for the separate schools. Pearson reached out to OneNeck® IT Solu ons for help. The OneNeck IT Solutions Answer When Pearson approached OneNeck with the plans for the new school, he knew he wanted HP to replace the aging network infrastructure. HP delivers innova ve products and creates solu ons that are prac cal, usable and valuable for its customers at an affordable price. OneNeck and HP worked together to design and develop a framework that would be the best fit for the project requirements. A secure IT infrastructure that ensures data and resources are accessible, available and scalable meant an op mized learning and working environment for both staff and students. A er a thorough and comprehensive IT assessment, OneNeck leveraged advanced PoE technology to provide high connec vity for networked devices. With high-availability services and reliable power, the school can leverage a robust hardware environment that supports high-performance processes at every level. In addi on, OneNeck and HP decided to deploy HP 8200 zl and 5400 zl Switch Series into the new network for advanced intelligent switches that allow for a scalable yet granular framework. This solu on also supports the most demanding networking features such as The Company The Fort Dodge Community School District in Iowa is dedicated to serving the individual needs of each student from K – 12 in the Fort Dodge community and surrounding areas by providing students with opportuni es that foster excellence and lifelong learning. The school district creates a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to reach their poten al in academics, the visual and performing arts, athle cs and the other ac vi es offered by the schools. With such a highly qualified team of educators and curriculum, the school district con nues to expand and must accommodate the growing needs of the community. "OneNeck IT Solu ons always kept our best interests in mind. They helped us find solu ons that would support our already exis ng infrastructure, then went the extra mile to offer solu ons that we never even thought to plan into our IT strategy." Jeremy Pearson Supervisor of IT, Fort Dodge Community School District Customer Case Study Fort Dodge Community School District Creating a 21st century learning environment

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