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Organiza on Spyder Ac ve Sports Industry High-performance ski apparel Business Challenges Spyder was in an unsa sfactory rela onship with its previous vendor. This vendor was unresponsive to Spyder's business needs and lacked customer in macy. Spyder was looking for a new partner who would support the company's business con nuity requirements and emphasized high quality customer focus with strong references. User Environment 125 users Five loca ons worldwide Applica on JDE EnterpriseOne ERP Symantec Virus Protec on Business Intelligence/Repor ng Tools Technical Environment 13 Windows Servers SQL Server 2000 Citrix ICS rfsmart Wireless Data Collec on About OneNeck IT Solutions OneNeck IT Solu ons LLC offers hybrid IT solu ons including cloud and hos ng solu ons, managed services, enterprise applica on management, advanced IT services, IT hardware and top- er data centers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon and Wisconsin. OneNeck's team of technology professionals manage secure, world-class, hybrid IT infrastructures and applica ons for businesses around the country. OneNeck is a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. [NYSE: TDS]. TDS provides wireless; cable and wireline broadband, TV and voice; and hosted and managed services to approximately six million customers na onwide through its businesses U.S. Cellular, TDS Telecom, OneNeck IT Solu ons LLC, and TDS Broadband Service LLC. Visit Spyder Active Sports Summary The OneNeck IT Solutions Answer With OneNeck as Spyder's official IT partner, a en on turned to transi on. Spyder needed the switch from the previous applica on service provider to Oneneck to be as seamless as possible for their worldwide user-base. To ensure the transi on would go smoothly, eight weeks in advance of the go-live date, Spyder began sending tapes of system data to OneNeck for tes ng. The process was tedious, and there was li le help on the part of Spyder's previous provider. According to Smith, this afforded him li le confidence that the complete transfer of all files would be successful. With that realiza on, members of the Spyder/OneNeck team decided to drive to the prior providers data center to pick up a hard drive with the necessary data and then boarded a plane to OneNecks' data center in Arizona The layers of tes ng leading up to the ASP transfer, as well as the in-person, hand delivery of cri cal data, paid off when the new system was up and running on schedule in mid-February 2006. It also set the stage for a collabora ve partnership between Spyder and OneNeck. Soon a er the cutover, OneNeck focused on stabilizing and securing all systems. Smith credits OneNeck for securing Spyder's global network. "We have more secure access across the board and ghtened access to data no ma er where people are located," said Smith. He was referring to the Boulder office and Spyder-Europe in Switzerland, as well as warehouses in Bangkok and throughout Canada, where a secure gateway to hosted applica ons now exists. Added Smith, "When it comes to security, OneNeck has taken a proac ve approach." The Benefits Through applica on exper se, technical savvy, regular communica on and proac ve systems improvement, OneNeck has provided Spyder with more than opera ons excellence; they've given them peace of mind. Smith describes the rela onship as a "partnership where people are technically competent and able and willing to provide outstanding service." In fact, when a member of the Spyder IT support team at OneNeck transi oned into another role, she con nued to work with Spyder on unfinished projects. "There's con nuity in hand-over support staff when someone transi ons," said Smith. "People see their projects through." OneNecks' ITIL (Informa on Technology Infrastructure Library) philosophy — based on industry-leading best prac ces — also provided Spyder with a framework from which to enhance their IT infrastructure, a cri cal component to running a high-performance company. And when it comes to high performance, Spyder has built their reputa on on it. 855.ONENECK Part #9.2.13_CSSAS_0115_v2 ©2016 OneNeck IT Solutions LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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