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About OneNeck IT Solutions OneNeck IT Solu ons LLC offers hybrid IT solu ons including cloud and hos ng solu ons, managed services, enterprise applica on management, advanced IT services, IT hardware and top- er data centers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon and Wisconsin. OneNeck's team of technology professionals manage secure, world-class, hybrid IT infrastructures and applica ons for businesses around the country. OneNeck is a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. [NYSE: TDS]. TDS provides wireless; cable and wireline broadband, TV and voice; and hosted and managed services to approximately six million customers na onwide through its businesses U.S. Cellular, TDS Telecom, OneNeck IT Solu ons LLC, and TDS Broadband Service LLC. Visit n On-premises DR site was easier to manage n Improved reliability and security for primary data center n Access to comprehensive IT services including managed services, professional services, hardware procurement, hosted ERP and 24/7 on-site support Customer Scenario #3: Reducing Risk and Downtime with a Multi-Site Data Center Strategy The Challenge For QRS Company, data availability is cri cal. Rather than build their own redundant data centers, they went looking for a coloca on partner who could sa sfy their high-availability requirements with a mul -site data center strategy. One facility had to be located no more than 30 miles from their office, with low latency between their office and the data center. The second data center had to be at least 200 miles away and connected to a carrier hotel with op ons to connect up to 10 Gb with their chosen WAN providers. That second data center also had to be interconnected to the primary data center with bandwidths up to 10 Gb. One final requirement was that these facili es had to be for fied, purpose-built data centers. The OneNeck IT Solutions Answer With a na onal footprint of Tier 3 and geographically diverse data centers including one just a few miles from their headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, OneNeck seemed like a good place for QRS Company to start. OneNeck demonstrated that all the company's data centers are carrier neutral with many providers built into each of them with 10 Gb links, dual/diverse fiber feeds and dual/diverse 10 Gb links to the carrier hotel. With this knowledge, QRS Company chose space in OneNeck's nearby concurrently maintainable facility in Des Moines. They also selected OneNeck's newly constructed data center in Denver as the backup site. Their exis ng WAN carriers were able to connect into each of OneNeck's data centers without any issue, keeping latency to an absolute minimum. And since these two data centers were designed by OneNeck and built from the ground up, they are heavily for fied with concrete exterior and interior walls, roof and floor, along with the latest in on-site security. The Benefits Partnering with OneNeck meant QRS Company had access to: n Mul ple geographically diverse concurrently maintainable data centers interconnected with 10 Gb links n Very low latency between QRS's internal data center, the nearby primary data center in Des Moines and the secondary data center in Denver n Carriers that price access as an ON Net building, reducing networking costs n Data centers built to 2N electrical standards star ng day one n Heavily for fied data centers, including the interior walls n Addi onal security such as no water sources or EPO bu ons in the data room n OneNeck's ability to execute the hybrid IT model of cloud n Grow over me with a wide range of integrated services including managed services, hardware and professional services and even hosted ERP n A deep staff of resources available in each market. "We feel highly confident in OneNeck's ability to help solve any problem should one occur because of their deep staff of resources available to assist," said the CIO at QRS Company. Customer Scenario #4: Hosted Disaster Recovery The Challenge XYZ Company was looking for a reliable data center facility to house their disaster recovery (DR) site. In addi on, they needed their chosen provider to deliver professionals to help pack and stack their equipment, move it to the facility and get it up and running quickly. The OneNeck IT Solutions Answer OneNeck was able to help move exis ng hardware in Minneapolis, Minnesota. OneNeck also provisioned and configured new equipment to create the DR infrastructure the company needed to a Tier III design data center. The Benefits By partnering with OneNeck, XYZ Company received: n A level of redundancy and concurrent maintainability in a Tier III design data center n Professionals to pack and stack their equipment as well as provide project management skills through the transi on n OneNeck's proven ability to execute the hybrid IT model of the cloud, managed services, hardware and professional services and even hosted ERP n The ability to move and grow services over me Conclusion As your business grows, you will be faced with many challenges including how to best manage your data and IT resources. OneNeck has the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to help you develop and implement a strategy for the long-term, whether that includes coloca on, cloud services or even an on-site data center. 855.ONENECK Part #9.2.16_CSCOLO_0116_v2 ©2016 OneNeck IT Solutions LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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