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Customer Scenario #1: A Strategic Bridge to the Cloud The Challenge ABC Company was looking for a solu on provider to sa sfy their current outsourced coloca on needs of today, but not be locked into a long-term contract that prevented them from moving forward with their cloud strategy. The OneNeck IT Solutions Answer With nine data centers strategically located around the country, we were able to colocate the customer's current IT infrastructure easily and securely. When we showed them our proprietary enterprise-class IT infrastructure, ReliaCloud®, they immediately saw their future. ReliaCloud is designed specifically for resource-intensive applica ons and databases that require a compliant opera onal framework and the most secure cloud. We demonstrated how we could start with coloca on today, and transi on ABC's IT infrastructure to the cloud by year three via a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud solu on. The Benefits While there are many IT providers out there, ABC Company chose OneNeck for several reasons: n A seamless transi on from coloca on to the cloud n A proven ability to execute a hybrid cloud IT infrastructure n Comprehensive services, including managed services, hardware and professional services, hosted ERP and 24/7 live support n The ability to grow over me n A ba le-tested cloud offering in ReliaCloud n Flexibility as business needs and requirements change over me Customer Scenario #2: Adding Disaster Recovery Without Adding Cost The Challenge DEF Company had an aging in-house data center that they con nued to make investments in, and improvements to, in order to extend its life as long as possible. In addi on, DEF Company wanted to add an off-site disaster recovery (DR) solu on. However, the con nued high cost of upgrades to their primary data center made inves ng in a DR solu on difficult. The OneNeck IT Solutions Answer Thinking outside the box, OneNeck showed DEF Company how they could achieve their goals and save money by coloca ng their primary produc on data center in a concurrently maintainable OneNeck data center. With only minor upgrades, OneNeck was also able to move DEF Company's in-house data center infrastructure to a second OneNeck data center facility to help them achieve their off-site disaster recovery needs. The Benefits By coloca ng their primary IT infrastructure with OneNeck, DEF Company was able to realize several benefits including: n Accoun ng for all expenditures, not just obvious hard costs n Amor zing exis ng in-house IT investments by conver ng to DR site Introduction Business is no longer marke ng driven, product driven or sales driven. It's data driven. As companies look to improve how they access, use and interpret data for compe ve advantage, they're looking at new IT infrastructure solu ons. One strategy that's gaining rapid acceptance is coloca on. Coloca on is the prac ce of leasing space, electricity and connec vity in a purpose-built data center and moving some or all of your servers to that loca on. There are many reasons companies choose to colocate their IT resources: n They want to focus resources on strategic ini a ves n They want to lower capital costs for IT n They want to facilitate innova on n They want to enable growth and expansion Coloca on makes sense in a lot of instances as companies want to achieve corporate goals while maintaining flexibility and controlling overall costs. Here are four common scenarios that OneNeck® IT Solu ons has seen recently Solution Case Study Colocation

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