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SIEM as a Service Provide security and peace of mind for your business 24/7 Evolving threats, expanding compliance risks, and resource constraints require a new approach. Clearly SIEM (Security Information and Event Managment) is effective, as evidenced by its wide adoption in the InfoSec world. By collecting relevant data from multiple sources, and then identifying deviations from the norm, SIEM allows IT teams to take action against threats before it's too late. But many organizations do not have adequate resources to analyze the data, and fewer still even have a security operations center (SOC), making monitoring threats a challenge. And with mounting compliance requirements, organizations are turning to managed security service providers to help. At OneNeck, we have a long history of providing 24/7 managed services to a wide variety of organizations, and we now provide SIEM as a service with our partner Alert Logic. Together, with Alert Logic, we... Help organizations who aren't adequately served by other solutions that require installing and configuring security agents, managing data feeds and wading through alerts. Help organizations who have experienced traditional security outsourcing vendors that fail to deliver little more than yet another alert stream at a high cost. Help organizations left on their own by vendors who provide security products but not threat intelligence or expertise. OneNeck & Alert Logic - Partnered for Your Success Security tools alone, particularly when monitoring web applications, generate mostly false positive alerts that drown out true positives. People skilled in web and cloud threat detection are needed to evaluate machine-generated alerts to see which merit closer scrutiny, then gather context to determine severity and potential courses of action. Unfortunately, there is already a 1 million global shortage of skilled security workers today, and it is expected to grow to 1.8 million by 2022.

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