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Just Imagine. APM QuickStart In 30 days, better understand how your applications impact your customers Today's businesses run on applications, but application development and daily operations can be complex and time consuming. This makes application performance management (APM) an essential tool for any organization seeking to do business at the speed today's customers demand. To help you meet these growing demands, OneNeck offers a 30-day QuickStart program using Cisco's AppDynamics as a pla orm that monitors, correlates, analyzes and acts on applica on and business performance data in real me. This automated, cross-stack intelligence enables developers, IT Ops and business owners to make the mission cri cal and strategic improvements that win customers at with every transac on. This APM QuickStart Program offers: OneNeck APM Exper se: Our advisory team engages with your team to discover business priori es and key performance indicators (KPIs), iden fy suppor ng applica ons, help you with the ini al setup of an APM environment. Easy Consump on Model: We offer a simple billing model, where your monthly AppDynamics use is based on a subscrip on model. Knowledge Transfer: You're not in it alone, as our team is right there with you along the way, helping you learn from the insights AppDynamics brings to your applica ons, and assis ng you in fine-tuning the tool to ensure you're ge ng the most out of it. 30-day QuickStart So, what does the QuickStart program entail? We deliver five clearly-defined stages throughout the 30 days, ensuring you know what's coming each step of the way. Kick Off The ini al kickoff is all about you, as our team works with your team to iden fy your priori es and pain points. Step 1: A clear understanding of where you want to go and what's holding you back will help us define a clear path to get you there. Step 2: From there, we look at the applica on(s) you want to improve, who's accessing those applica ons and what you're looking to achieve.

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