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Just Imagine. AppDynamics Automated business and application performance monitoring. There's no denying that today's businesses run on applications, and the health of the business is directly tied to its applications. This means that end-to-end performance monitoring and management is critical to ensure employees and customers have always-on access to the applications that power your business. AppDynamics, now part of Cisco, monitors, correlates, analyzes and acts on applica on and business performance data in real me. This automated, cross-stack intelligence enables developers, IT ops and business owners to make the mission cri cal and strategic improvements that win customers at every moment. There are four key areas that AppDynamics delivers: Applica on Performance Management End User Monitoring Infrastructure Visibility Business Performance Monitoring Application Performance Management In an age where real- me customer interac on is cri cal to remaining compe ve, AppDynamics APM delivers the visibility into applica on issues, increasing user experience and me to resolu on when issues arise. AppDynamics APM automa cally discovers, maps and visualizes the customer journey through each applica on service and infrastructure dependency. Teams have a single view of end-to-end performance in the context of the customer experience, instead of monitoring individual services. Through machine learning, normal performance is determined, so APM can send alerts when it's not. AppDynamics APM integrates directly with ServiceNow, PagerDuty and Jira so that IT teams can be immediately alerted and fix problems before customers no ce. In addi on, deep diagnos c capabili es enable IT to iden fy root-cause down to the individual line of code issues, saving valuable developer me.

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