Digital Transformation - Beyond the Buzzword

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What is Digital Transformation? If there's anything that's consistent about the term digital transforma on, it's that no one person, analyst or business defines it exactly the same. But for the sake of defining it here, it is the applica on of technology to facilitate new business models, processes, applica ons and systems that lead to increased revenue and efficiencies and greater compe ve advantage. The Time to Start Your Transformation Was Yesterday Ready or not, digital transforma on is here. Organiza ons that embrace it can quickly breathe new life into business processes, products, employees and customers. Industries that don't, or fail to leverage it fully, will quickly find themselves way behind the compe on. But where does an organiza on start? We know it's happening, and we know it's cri cal, but ar cula ng the need and priori zing where to start is an all-too-common challenge. In this eBook, we will look at some of the common challenges facing today's organizations that digital transformation can help solve, as well as some tangible steps that you can take as you embark on this step-by- step journey. 2018 will be a year of reckoning for those that have held on too long or tried to bootstrap their way through transforming their business. Simply put, the distance between customer expecta ons and the reality on the ground is becoming so great that a slow and gradual transi on is no longer possible. Incrementalism may feel good, but it masks the quiet deteriora on of the business. Forrester: Predic ons 2018 - A Year of Reckoning

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