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1 Determine Current State Assess and document your current state based on regulatory requirements, solu on por olio, risk tolerance and corporate vision. 2 Develop a Security Strategy Review the current-state documenta on and facilitate the development of an effec ve, rigorous and agile risk-based security methodology. 3 Establish an Ac on Plan Based on the security strategy, establish a plan of ac on based on risk exposure, ver cal, team dynamics, as well as a methodology for con nual tes ng and improvement. 4 Determine the Next Steps If remedia on is deemed necessary, OneNeck security experts can help. Our security services include infrastructure and applica on security, iden ty an access management, advanced threat, security opera ons and addi onal security advisory services. Skip the headcount discussion, and go straight to keeping your business safe. The vCISO Fit Not sure if a vCISO is right for your organization? If any of these challenges sound all too familiar, it could be exactly what you need... Difficulty Launching Security Strategy Too Many Security Tools Too Busy to Properly Execute Lack of Documented Procedures Mounting Compliance Mandates

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