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OneNeck Security Services The way we work has changed. Has your IT security services provider? Security is no longer "nice to have." It's an imperative. And we're here to help simplify security complexity and help keep your business secure. With all the moving pieces in today's technology landscape, new security concerns continue to emerge. Add onto that the constant threat of attacks, there is no end to the onslaught. At OneNeckĀ® IT Solutions, we believe this makes partnering with a trusted IT security services provider a crucial business decision. At OneNeck, our security services address the broad scope of security and compliance needs that businesses face. We have a depth of experience in assisting our customers with their security needs, and our team is made up of security experts who stay current on the emerging threats so you don't have to. Our extended security practice addresses the broad scope of security and compliance that our customers need. Application, Data Security and risk management leaders must address the complex risks to applications and data associated with digital business. Applications are an entry point to an enterprise, and cyber-criminals are targeting them now more than ever. Traditional network security solutions can't address many of the highly sophisticated attacks that are rampant today. OneNeck's security team delivers application and data security solutions designed to thwart breach attempts and reduce your exposure should a breach happen. This prevents down me by protecting your data where it's accessed, via your applications. By using advanced detection and mitigation techniques, security intelligence, threat hunting, dynamic learning, virtual patching and granular attack visibility, your applications and web servers are secured against application specific attacks, DDoS, data the and fraud, so that your business stays secure. OneNeck Application; Data Security services include: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Traffic and data encryption Web application/database firewalls and proxies Advanced prevention and detection solutions Secure design with failure isolation Information Security Operations With the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks on the rise, organizations must reduce the me it takes to detect and respond to attacks if they are going to survive. To detect advanced threats and minimize the damage caused by a breach, there needs to be an integration between network and security operations. This requires a holistic approach to security by analyzing risk across the entire organization, both inside and out. OneNeck Security Operations services include: Next-generation firewall, IPS (NGFW, NGIPS) Endpoint and mobile security Cloud and content security, including web and email security Visibility, including SIEM/logging Threat hunting Incident response Virtual platform security

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