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Just Imagine. Advisory Services: Application Discovery Do you have an application visibility problem? You're not alone. In today's fast-paced, hyper-competitive business environment, there is one constant: CHANGE. Organiza ons need to innovate and adapt faster than ever before, which has led to an aggressive approach to implemen ng new technologies. The result? A vast array of disparate and disconnected applica ons across their por olios. Add in mergers and acquisi ons, line of business (LOB) demands and evolving technologies, applica on sprawl is out of control. In a world where digital transforma on is happening and organiza ons must evolve to remain relevant, it is cri cal to have a clear understanding of their applica on por olio. Real transforma on is driven by understanding and mapping the WHY, WHERE and WHAT behind applica ons. Only from there can strategic planning and execu on occur. Our applica on discovery services include: Establish a Baseline: The OneNeck Advisory Team performs in-depth discovery mee ngs with business applica ons owners and stakeholders to uncover applica on details and interdependencies as they relate to business. These sessions are interac ve in nature and are intended to be er understand end-user experiences and interac ons with their exis ng applica ons. They typically cover: Applica on types and usage Applica on processes and dependencies User capacity Data management Device management Informa on security and management systems Document the Interdependencies: The OneNeck Advisory Team then analyzes and maps the applica on por olio with interdependencies between the applica ons and the business, which is then added to a findings document. Make Recommenda ons: They then produce an applica on priority matrix that aligns with business requirements. They do this by advising clients on how best to evolve their applica on pla orms, ensuring vendor and market alignment.

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