Fort Dodge School District

The School District's New Network Infrastructure Makes the Grade

Fort Dodge Community School District’s new middle school building with 1,110 students and 400 employees required a robust and scalable custom IT solution. From the expected (sufficient capacity, enough ports) to the challenging (network switch series supporting high-density connectivity)—it all had to be an optimized solution for this complex IT infrastructure.

Being an experienced managed IT services provider, OneNeck first completed an IT assessment and then worked with HPE to leverage PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. Reliable power and services create a highly connected network of devices for powerful performance.

Not only did OneNeck supply the needed hardware and software for a reliable, cost-effective network, the consultation ensured an optimized infrastructure long-term. Since implementing OneNeck’s managed IT services, Fort Dodge Middle School has an environment that inspires learning at the highest level.

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