Securing your M365 Environment: Partnering for Success

In the modern workplace, Microsoft 365 (M365) is a pivotal tool for most organizations, enhancing both productivity and collaboration. However, its widespread use has also made it a prime target for cyber threats, underscoring the importance of understanding potential security vulnerabilities. 

Recognizing these vulnerabilities enables organizations to implement proactive measures, ensuring that their M365 environment remains a bastion of productivity rather than a gateway for security threats. Download this eBook to discover how you can protect your organization.

Topics include:

  • Essential components of securing your environment
  • The importance of a security framework
  • Navigating the challenges of M365 security
  • Staying updated with Microsoft security features
  • The role of an experienced Microsoft cloud service provider
  • Data protection and recovery with Commvault Metallic, a solution designed to produce next-generation SaaS-delivered data management by delivering Commvault’s powerful core technology through the cloud with proven security
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