DNS Security with Meraki

March 26, 2020

As technology and personal computing have evolved, so too have the security threats that lurk in the dark corners of the world wide web. With 11 billion Internet-connected devices coming online in 2018, the attack vector for users with malicious intent is the largest it has ever been. Securing these devices, especially in the workplace, is of paramount importance.

The foundation of the Internet revolves largely around the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is used by client devices to look up the domain name associated with a given website, and convert that name to an IP address. Due to the prevalence of DNS traffic in today’s Internet, this foundational Internet protocol has become a huge target for malicious attacks.

Companies can no longer sit idly by and hope that they are protected from the plethora of threats that exist. They must take action, and that action should focus around one of the original “apps” of the Internet, DNS. Now, it is easier than ever to protect the devices in your organization with Cisco Umbrella and Meraki.
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